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  1. CS:GO Team

    'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello... Yes, yes it's me! Mwahaha, lock your doors, cry in the corner, because I'm back <3 Seriously thought, it's glad to see the Forums back up, as you know I'm not a fan of Minecraft so become AWOL when the Forums went down. I know some people here play Counter Strike: Global offensive, and wondered if anyone was interested in making a NeO team at all? My current rank is Master Guardian Elite and my highest rank is Legendary Eagle, however I'm willing to train any newbies up to become better at the game, and overall have a full team of 5 and maybe even perform in some ESEA, FaceIT tournaments. Only requirement is that you're based in Europe (for Ping and so forth).
  2. Payday 2 Team

    T'is the best game EU
  3. I'm Back... Maybe

    McFluffyTator <3
  4. CS:GO Team

    And you don't need to own a server ;3
  5. hmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nom nom

  6. Andy, you do make the best topics don't you HA :)

  7. Happy Birthday for 2013 :)

  8. I love you, you love me WE ARE A FRACKING FAMILLY

  9. You don't just instantly become friends with me after some of things you've said you have to earn that right and respects. I'm a nice guy and treat everyone as equals but when you disrespect me it takes time to become friends again. It's not up to me if you join NeO or not.

  10. Please put that in the correct context. If you'd like to join NeO, please make sure you have at least a good understanding of what you're saying first. Thanks

  11. I'm very well thanks, and yourself young one?

  12. Now you can all gaze upon my facial features D;

  13. So Charsidian, when is our baby due?