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  1. Pain just smells so much it's hard to deal with it

  2. Where did you go !!!

  3. on your signature, the thing behind the neo logo looks like a pink dildo.

  4. yay my sa-mp score is over 7,000! :D

    1. DeC3nt


      Lite å gjøre på :-D

    2. NeO_MarkDeagle


      congrats 1000 posts lol

    3. NeO_Ninja
  5. I have banned more than 202 players.

  6. Woot for new profile picture.

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    2. NeO_Supremacy


      This is a hold up!!..Gimmi the Bacon, Or else!!!

    3. NeO_Sizzles


      *stomps on your feet* NO ITS NOT

    4. NeO_Supremacy


      *Enforces what he said again*

      Gimmi ya boots,Ya wallet, And all ya Bacon Now!

  7. How do you expect me to respond to that?

  8. Ruff ruff ruff RUFFFFFF

  9. Can I beat your eggs with my slices of bacon? lol

  10. The almighty He11! ALL HAIL

  11. your photo is staring at me... WAHH

  12. Miss me? I haven't gone anywhere.

  13. Depends whatcha mean by that.. hehe

  14. So, you wanna trade the cake for some bacon?