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  1. Me, Somey, Valy and Xiborg all played last night... just us 4. The MTA Funny Moments Crowd lives on!
  2. GTA V Crew

    Hell yeah, gonna be the best crew in the land! No one let Anderson drive.
  3. This one right here. This one is the troublemaker.

  4. Hello there Miss Trouble.

  5. I'm not a gittttttttttt D;

  6. "Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others." - Groucho Marx

  7. I'm thinking of a three letter word beginning with g... And it's what you are :D

  8. You my friend are a true badger flap!

  9. Hi there troublemaker ;)

  10. This woman is a troublemaker!

  11. Where's my love mister??

  12. Bring forth the women!

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    2. Pie Crust

      Pie Crust

      Q, if you shaddap, I'll give you half of the profit. #PimpsRule

    3. Reaperwithin


      you wouldn't know what to do with one oh yeah obsi's a git


    4. konnyboy


      how can i join ur minecraft team ill come in handy and have expiernce with server administration like adding mods checking for bugs and etc... i can also build very well

  13. Boo to you too :P