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  1. I have a strange issue

    try verifying your game through steam, you may have a corrupted file somewhere otherwise your steam install has some problems with it if its all steam games that do this i would recommend re-installing steam and then re link your steam directory.
  2. SA-MP in GTA5

    Well seeing how the purpose behind sa-mp was not just to be a cops vs robbers game mode but to be like role play as i know Anderson likes these sort of things, Five Reborn is just that and i think we could pull it off.. just make sure the server is whitelisted so people dont abuse the trainers needed to make it possible.
  3. SA-MP in GTA5

    Yeah FiveM is still alive i actually play it often, i enjoy playing on the role play servers.
  4. Free ban...

    well, perhaps you should explain why you were banned for ban evading? this ban appeal does not form to any of the rules that have been posted. Post more information and maybe explain to the admins as to why you are banned for evading? Are you the person it says you are? are you evading? if not can you prove it? any information on your behalf is better then this appeal you just made. Please clarify why you are ban evading and if you are not.. clarify how you are not the person they claimed you are.
  5. SA-MP in GTA5

    Yeah, we will see were it goes, it uses the single player side of the game as well and you can use the legit version so maybe there will be some sort of difference.
  6. SA-MP in GTA5

    What? this has nothing to do with minecraft, its basiclly a revamp of the old SA-MP server we once had. I myself look forward to seeing where it goes.
  7. Unbann me Range Banned

    If he is range banned it may not be under his name, check the ip range hes in he could just be a victim of a range ban or may not be.
  8. unban me PLEASE i promise i will not hack

    i suggest waiting a few weeks before applying for admin after being banned for using mods, give them a chance to see you have actually learned your lesson.
  9. unban me PLEASE i promise i will not hack

    We have heard the brother story so many times... is it really that hard to admit to what you have done? does noone realize the truth gets you further then digging yourself a bigger hole? Bottom line is.. if you share IP's you are still responsible for what happens if it was your "brother" then he needs to come here and speak for himself to be unbanned but i think its clear that this is not the case. So, simply put.. admit to your wrongful doings and just admit to what you have done and MAYBE just MAYBE they will consider unbanning you for a second chance.. and if that happens i strongly suggest you listen to the staff. And on a second note, noone mentioned names as to what account you came back on with.. so how do you know they were refering to that account? and from what was mentioned your ban is for 1 week.. so why not wait it out? and stop using mods.. read the rules carefuly.
  10. Ark Survival Evolved - How To Update
  11. Ark Survival Evolved - How To Update

    been a crazy week! but im finally downloading it and hope to play this weekend, should see you guys there soon!
  12. Ark Survival Evolved - How To Update

    the supplied link isnt working for me.. well the link works but the get torrent button does not.
  13. Ark Survival Evolved - How To Update

    I think im going to try this, i have heard alot about it but didnt wanna buy it because i dont know if its something i'll play often enough. will probably try it tonight.
  14. Gta samp

    the previous ones are back from what i can tell, i have now also finaly figured out everything else aswell so i changed everything. EDIT: didnt read your comment clear enough but i guess you also didnt read mine either :tongue: NONE of the old neo accounts were sent to me for obvious reasons... so no none of the old Team-NeO accounts will ever be on the server. also if you all could possibly post your concerns on my forums that would be great, i can pm those details aswell as i dont feel that Team-NeO's forums should be bomb barbed by a server it is not hosting. Thanks.
  15. Gta samp

    The server is not affiliated with Team-NeO as Team-NeO is not hosting the server, its the same gamemode as before just under a different name. All accounts from the old Team-NeO server were removed before being sent to me so everything is fresh. Mind you... there is still a few things that say Team-NeO at which i cant figure out why it wont change so i have been trying to contact lllama to assist me with this problem. EDIT: i stand corrected.... the server some how managed to roll itself back "recovered itself" so all the account are still there.. this server is being wierd.
  16. Gta samp

    Ok its back online i changed most things, there is 3 things that wont change for some reason so im looking into that however its is back online, the roll back was horrible due to the power outtages so you will have to start over again..sorry! I also advice noone to hand out the server information until i get the rest of this thing sorted out pls.
  17. Gta samp

    Yes i know this, due to the roll back it went back to script i was working on, plus apon request i need to finish editing the scrip to remove any Team-NeO stuff so i will put it back online shortly after i do this.
  18. Gta samp

    There was a server roll back but im not sure how much it would have effected the sa-mp server.
  19. Gta samp

    hey guys, if the server is down today we are having crazy storms so the power keeps going out.
  20. Gta samp

    i got the sa-mp server online, you can pm me for the info
  21. Gta samp

    Sorry guys i have been really busy, however the server from what sizzles and i have tested seems to fully function, i plan on this weekend to get it online for those of you who are interested in joining it pm me for the server details, i plan to get it running friday night sometime.
  22. Gta samp

    Its still happening just making adjustments still.
  23. Gta samp

    In the next couple days i should have it online and ready for play.
  24. Gta samp

    its a work in progress and i also still need andersons aproval if i can keep it the way it is for the feel of the old times.
  25. Gta samp

    Got some good news guys! i got it working! for Windows 10 users and possibly windows 8 there is a few patches to get GTA:SA to work, i got the sa-mp fix so it will work properly. It isnt fully ready yet and i would like to know if Anderson would mind if i kept it original as possible by keeping it as the Team-NeO Cops n Robbers if not i will edit it all and will not be able to post the ip here for obvious reasons. Only thing i have not got working is the IRC Bot but that i can live with for now.