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  1. Gta samp

    I still have them, yes.
  2. Gta samp

    That's because you smell.
  3. Gta samp

    What's up?
  4. Hello, long time no see. It seems that your message was cut off. What were you saying?

  5. Minecraft Guide

    Minecraft Guide Account Information: Registering an account:Upon joining the server, you will be asked to register an account. To do this, type: /register <password> <email>. Registering an account will allow you to save and protect pretty much everything associated with it. For example, the house you live in, your claims, your inventory... everything. Failing to register would mean that anyone can join the server using your name and be able to have full access to your chests, claims...inventory e.t.c Logging into your account: Upon joining the server with a registered name, you will be asked to login, you will not be able to move or chat until you successfully login. To do this, you must type: /login <password> Claims System FAQ: Question: How do I allow my friend to access my chests but not destroy or place blocks?* Answer: If you wan't to allow someone to have access to your chests e.t.c but nothing else. Type /containeraccess <friends name>. That will allow them access to your chests but they will not be able to build or break blocks. They will however, be able to access any buttons, levers, doors e.t.c Question: How do I let someone have full access to my claim?* Answer: You would simply type: /trust <friends name> that will allow them full access. Remember, they will be able to do everything that you can do. So don't use this unless you know that person very well. Afterall, they could easily grief and take everything you own and you will have no way of getting anything back. Question: Why is my claim only 10x10? Can it be extended?* Answer: By default, anyone joining the server is allocated 100 claim blocks. (This equates to: 10x10 claim). You will be able to earn more claim blocks as time goes on, and Yes you can expand your claim using a Golden Shovel. Please visit: for a tutorial on how to do this. Question: I'm new to the server and would like to protect my house, what do I do?* Answer: As mentioned above, the first time you join the server, you will be given 100 claim blocks. You do not need to use a golden shovel the first time you create a claim as placing a chest down, will automatically claim a 10x10 around that chest sufficient enough to build a small house. Once you earn more claim blocks by playing on the server you can expand further. Getting Around The Server: Question: Okay, I made a house and I know the coordinates, but isn't there a way I can just teleport back to my home after I've finished exploring the world?* Answer: Yes. As a normal player you will be able to use /sethome and /sethome2. This will allow you to create a Warp point where you can then type: /home or /home2 and it will teleport you back to whether you /sethome or /sethome2. These are not per world so if you type /sethome again elsewhere, it will override your old location with the new one. If you become a level iii donator you will be able to set unlimited amount of warp points using the /warp command. Question: Can I teleport to players?* Answer: Yes. At the time of writing this, if you type: /tpa playername you will put forward a request to teleport to that player. If he/she accepts, you will be teleported to their location. Please remember, this is a PVP enabled server for the most part and you CAN die from teleporting to people. There is no rule against someone killing you so if you get promised the deal of a life time, and you teleport to them only to find that they simply kill you and take all your inventory. There will be nothing admins can do. So use caution. Question: Can I get from world to world without using the Hubs/Portals?* Answer: Yes. Type /spawn. This will show a list of options, You can type: /spawn <world> this will teleport you to whatever world you specify. For example, if you need to get to the shopping District, type /spawn shopping.
  6. Minecraft Guide

    If it is already registered, then somebody has already registered that name, you would have to pick a different name and or contact NeO_Anderson
  7. Minecraft Guide

    The forum profile set as female is a joke from years ago, he used to have a signature with a woman sitting on a beach with the head of Thomas Anderson (from the matrix) photo-shopped onto the body. Now please, can you keep this on topic?
  8. You're more than awesome. :P

  9. I cba to go through the list adding, lol

  10. No test on animals! They have rights too, you know!