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    Hello DeadlyChemist here Iā€™m highly interested in becoming verified. I have many reasons for Becoming verified. I consider myself a trustworthy player. Many players trust me at their big bases or even clan bases without any limitations. Many new players, that first join the server already get help from me, Like some free food, server commands, tools and more. I reported few impersonators, chat flooders or just people doing wrong stuff, as well as donated both with Money as well as time to the server community with building open farms I think the server community already trusts me but also needs me. Also, I currently have more played hours than many players combined, my main account has ā‰ˆ 1 050 hours and my 2nd account ā‰ˆ 800 h which equals the 1st and 3rd place on Team-Ne0 regarding playing time

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