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  1. Lost my original user?

    Hi, any news?
  2. Lost my original user?

  3. Lost my original user?

    I guess that the save files should be under Eco_Data\Server\Storage and/or Eco_Data\Server\Configs. These are the two folders people say you could copy to a newer version (at least until ver. 7.3.0). uploading these two then.. Thank you so much! Eco7.2.4.zip
  4. Lost my original user?

    Hi, I have originally tried version 7.2.4 from IGG. Today I have downloaded the newest version following the instructions in the forum (7.3.0). Accidently I have used a slighly different user name with the new version. when I tried to continue playing the single version using version 7.2.4 it logged me in with the new user there too! so I have lost access to all the stuff I had with the original user name! Is there any way to reverse it back to the original user name? Thanks!


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