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  1. Tomer

    Banned again

    I didn't even have time to join again the server since the last ban. I got "unbanned" and banned again without even joining the server Ban info: "Your IP Address ( is RangeBanned third time ._.
  2. As you (Anderson) suspected my IP is probably changing. I got banned for 1 week and it's been like 1 month and now it says i have range ban again. User name - TomerH260 Ban info - "Your IP Address ( is RangeBanned. Reason : Multiple rule violations. By: Console. Please help me.
  3. Tomer

    I don't even know

    And i joined from new account recently because i changed my premium account name. I forgot the server still cracked. The name is "1Rockstar_" but i won't use it anymore i'll keep using 1 account "TomerH26"
  4. Tomer

    I don't even know

    I'm really sorry I don't know how to change my IP and how to stop it from happening. I'll do my best to find a way to solve this problem of mine. Thank you so much!
  5. Tomer

    I don't even know

    Uhm.. I got unbanned yesterday.. and played a little in the evening.. I played today something like 5 minutes, left the server and then when i came back I got banned. I registered so no one joined my account, i didn't curse, didn't hack and just killed 2 chickens and some mobs that were around my "base". Can you please explain me why? Ban info: Your IP Address ( is RangeBanned Reason: Multiple Rule violations. By: Console Please help me!
  6. Tomer

    Request to get unbanned (range ban)

    Are you kidding? I'm still banned and I feel a bit stupid when i try to join and it says: Your IP Address is RangeBanned. Reason: You Know Why By: Console jesus console what have I done already you are savage
  7. Tomer

    Request to get unbanned (range ban)

    Excuse me, I didn't see that part of the comment. Thank you so much for unbanning me. I swear i'll never break the rules and I won't let my friend to know about that he's unbanned he didn't like this server as much as I did. For him it was like a regular server, not for me. Thank you!
  8. Tomer

    Request to get unbanned (range ban)

    So apparently I won't get unbanned because my friend was hacking 3 and half years ago? fun
  9. Tomer

    Request to get unbanned (range ban)

    That we have diffrent IPs. You banned both of ours IPs. If you'll unban my IP only he couldn't join the server. (Even if he could hes playing csgo and quited minecraft ._.)
  10. I got range banned for 2 or 3 years already and I want to explain why I deserve to be unbanned. I had a friend that used a lot the user "slenderman" and he was hacking, I knew my friend's password because i knew him in real life and sometimes i joined his account. I got banned because you probably thought im one of his IPs or something like that. My last username was Drago015 I think and i never hacked before so i'd like to get unbanned. I used to play the server a lot and i couldn't explain myself because i didn't speak english well 3 years ago. What it says when i try to join: Your IP Address ( is RangeBanned. Reason: Believed to be a rule breaker of multiple impersonations. See (Slenderman) By: Console Hope you'll understand the situation and unban me soon.

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