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    to reach 200 subs on youtube

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  1. novagaminYT

    creative world

    username : jadetdm I am very good at building my mind is very creative I come up with brilliant ideas and I love building I'm goning to build houses , pixle art and a statue I wont be going on any holidays soon I hope not
  2. novagaminYT

    im sorry for breaking the rules

    I don't think ill ever be my self DONT YOU SEE IM STUPID I DONT SEE THE RONG THEY WARN ME BUT I FORGET so now ill be quite silent and no more annyoing
  3. novagaminYT

    im sorry for breaking the rules

    if I do come back I will be quite soundless I will not chat I will not smile just sadness I will talk if they need me to so please don't worry about me...
  4. novagaminYT

    im sorry for breaking the rules

    becuse I did and I know no one will forgive me this time so its probs best if I don't come back
  5. novagaminYT

    im sorry for breaking the rules

    I'm sorry for breaking all the rules I'm just a stupid kid breaking them I don't mean to try and impersonate flower I admit I did and I will never forgive my self my username is jadetdm I hope you understand that I'm sorry love from jade Xxxx
  6. novagaminYT

    verifide request

    hey i would like to be verified my user is novagaminYT

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