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  1. Gheco_Guy

    Unban request

    Anderson so u are telling me that i wont be unbanned so no problem because i am using [EDITEDOUT] and i can use many more different accounts Thanks and Regards awsomegamer
  2. Gheco_Guy

    im sorry for breaking the rules

    seriously the worst reason for u to be unbanned
  3. Gheco_Guy

    Unban request

    I am so sorry for Ban Evading i did that because every time i post a unban request u guys deny my request. I was Banned for Breaking to many rules by neo_realjay. The reason i want to play in neo is because after i started playing in neo my whole life changed i started getting new friends and i learned many new things. Once again Sorry for ban evading Thanks and Regards awsomegamer
  4. Gheco_Guy

    Unban request

    Thanks NeO_Anderson
  5. Gheco_Guy

    Unban request

    I am a new player to this server today only i created my account and now i tryed to play in the server but somehow i got banned by console please can i be unbanned Thanks and regards Gheco_Guy

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