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  1. upset to this server

    And i am telling that your server rules are sux just like you lol... remember there are many servers beyond neo its not rage quit its kind of sad quit cuz i regret that i started in your server
  2. upset to this server

    Dear team-neo i'm very upset for you guys. Because its unable to play 2 gamers on same IP. Our IP banned again that's quite [REMOVED OFFENSIVE WORD] system when server need population. I'm not here for unban request. I'm here to tell you that you guys are [REMOVED OFFENSIVE WORD]. Bbye this server.... Team-neo dissapointed... i wsh i didn't build and create many things in your [REMOVED OFFENSIVE WORD] server... Tsk
  3. Unban request

    And its ipban please unban my ip and let my brother banned
  4. Unban request

    glad to hear please unban me
  5. Unban request

    Okey i've been playing in team-neo Minecraft server for a month. I am very active player and i have big castles buildings projects. And i play with my younger brother which we using same IP because we live together. Today my younger brother gave me money but we both banned because of same IP. I want to say why can't we play from same IP. That's kind of unfair rule for a siblings who play on same IP. I want to say what if we prove that we are actually separated players who are using same IP. Is there any way to unban us? Like if there is no way we surely will abandon this server thanks!