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  1. Full Aron experience

    All I'm saying is so,e people like to be pefectionist and have personal achievements. We'd like to unlock the whole engram roster. We'd like to be able to bring our best creatures from scorch or ragna yet the people on the island keep slaughtering in groups with twenty Rex's. Come on man like it's a full game yet we can only play limited items on the island limited creatures some of us would like wyvrens whips and golems . Some of us actually like the bosses. just saying. It might be a good thing I wanna see a full server
  2. Full Aron experience

    Hey now I was wondering why there isn't player download I've been attempting to get the whip but I can't. I was wondering why you opted not to add downloaded characters it leaves out a lot of creatures and the experience we love the island don't get me wrong that's my favorite map. But I'd like to have my whip and other creatures doesn't feel like we're free to full game experience .. we prefer your server any ways