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  1. Private World request

    I know Right
  2. Private World request

    Hi all for reading this topic im not a old player but i wanted to try my hands on the private world to build awesome house and structures and ill try my best to be a player here Thank You!
  3. pending Verification

    Thank You for Reading my Quote
  4. pending Verification

    i wanted to play a verified player in team-neo so i will register to be verified
  5. Private World request

    i know im just going to build awesome building and make big buildings
  6. Unbanned Me

    Please unban siver because his just little kid and dont know how to read and he just keep spamming to reaperwithin
  7. kraft why your not playing i miss you so much i should scream that i miss you!

  8. is that your real face?

  9. anderson this is me Dirt_Mann i wanted to build in the private world i wish that will accepted :) I want to build a new house