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  1. Hi there, I'd like to become a verified player on this amazing server as it has so much potential. I've been a player since 2017 on your server and I've tried my best to help people with what they want to do on the server. For example, if they want help building/crafting things and also information that could help them know a lot more information about certain aspects of Minecraft and the future updates within the game. During the 1.13 update on the server, I've helped people that are having trouble with certain aspects such as how to obtain a trident (for players who don't have the time to kill drowned mobs for tridents, I sell them at a reasonable price as they are quite rare to get). I've tried to help as much as I can and I am very familiar and friendly with most of the people who play on this server. I've helped to report bugs within the game such as duping, possible x-ray hacks from certain people, tridents not returning after a player hits another player, challenges not working and certain effects that should be able to work with the donator bone (fly) tool. I've also created a texture-pack that can be used on the 1.13 server with the 1.14 textures, that allows people to play on the server using the 1.14 textures to get used to it before 1.14 is released on the server. I contribute to this server by donating monthly with the tier 3 option. I've currently had no warnings while being here. I am a frequent player who plays mostly every day. It's been a privilege to play on this server and I hope I can contribute more with being verified where people can trust me more.
  2. I'd like to submit a request for the private world. Within the private world I hope to build quite a lot of things such as mob farms, a castle and perhaps even a shop. It'd be great if you accepted my submission. Username: _Jjs_

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