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  1. Hello my name is Phantom and i would like to know if you would ever add spawners to the server?
  2. denied

    oh btw the one is in red is just a normal texture pack not an xray one
  3. denied

    deleted it
  4. denied

    ill post a video of me deleteing it
  5. denied

    you want me to delete it
  6. denied

    and when i joined back to the game i removed the texture pack
  7. denied

    im sry :( wouldnt you be mad if someone was putting ur stuff in the lava in front of you
  8. denied

    i also didnt get warns :/ but still i am truely sry
  9. denied

    my username is Phantom009 :(
  10. denied

    i am also sorry to the admin for being rude because i thought he was a combat hacker :(
  11. I am very sorry :( i wont use the xray texture pack ever again i got baned but when i was told to disable it i did but the admin baned me for 7 days for not disableing it but i did :( i am very sorry. its my favourite server :(


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