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  1. thehellguy


    Ok umm what usually people who want to be verified have been playing for 2-10 years and u just joined like a month ago or so I usually say i hope u become verified to verifying requests but no offense but that isnt for you if i see you reporting rulebreakers and helping the community alot then i would be on your side So yeah
  2. thehellguy


    Its not a modpack but yes i am and i did remove the mod when u said to remove it is removable with a keybind switching it to normal minecraft and also i had 3 warns from before i got the 1 week ban but they were still there after the ban so those should have been removed
  3. thehellguy

    Verification Request

    I dont see you helping newcomers or even giving them advice but i am not on all of the time reason:meh mum and also everyone lives in a different country AKA different times but if you do then wish you the best of luck
  4. thehellguy


    First of all i removed it when u said to remove them second [CLIENT NAME] is not a mod it is just a non official version of minecraft if you consider that a mod then people with optifine should be banned and if you consider the MileyCyrus (AKA fast twerk) a mod then yes it is but it is not an illegal mod I have read the !help mods it said nothing about something as harmless as twerking
  5. thehellguy


    I have been banned for illegal mods well yes i did use wurst but it was only used for fun since i only used it for well twerking super fast that does not affect anyone or myself in any way it does not cause harm to others or bring help to me i used it because people were talking about shift so i had the idea is twerking really an illegal mod or is it just a little fun thingy that DOES NOT bring harm i HOPE that i get unbanned because the reason i got banned ro was stupid
  6. thehellguy


    I have a suggestion for the teamneo server. something bothers me on the server and that is that there is not enough violence. To fix this i came up with an idea add player heads to the server its super simple to make and works like a charm. In minecraft there are alot of collectors this will make even more collectors on the server just imagine a head of all players over your fireplace. Imagine that. Anyway i hope u add this to the server
  7. thehellguy

    My Music.

    #Gogoisforgotten FOREVER
  8. thehellguy

    My Music.

    Im not a big fan of music but this was really good SUBBED
  9. thehellguy

    Unban request

    It has just occured to me that unban requests may be just for people who have been permanetley banned if so i am deeply sorry for wasting your time and if so im truly an idiot that deserves to be banned
  10. thehellguy

    Unban request

    Well idk how to start i am very sorry for all the things i have done which i think were caused by my drivers test that i havent have time to study for due to a car accident with my father this test has made me stress out and may be the cause of my behaviour i know if i fail this test my mom will kill me so i hope that you will unban me because of the stress this test has caused i do not request an unban of course it would be nice but i only request a shorter ban my ingame name is thehellguy and if you do not unban me or shorten the ban that is absolutley fine because i did break the rules that the server has made and again i am deeply sorry for all of the rules i have broken on this server soo... yeah that is all i have got :D i know you will make the right choice
  11. thehellguy


    Darn i wish my computer wouldnt just melt when i try to play ARK but im getting a computer upgrade soon :D

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