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  1. AntheaJr_kcc


    I would like to request to be verified as I honestly try my best to help people if they need it and just want people to know that i can help and im trusted
  2. AntheaJr_kcc

    Creative world access

    Oh and i nearly forgot to add that latly school has been a priority so i dont come on nearly as much as i use to but now that exams finished for this semester i can join more often and i forgot to add that my only other plan was to test redstone and other stuff like that on a similar environment to the server
  3. AntheaJr_kcc

    Creative world access

    My ingame name is AntheaJr_KCC and i would like access to the creative world I have been banned but that was not from greifing i would like to join this world because i just want to build some stuff and have fun my only plan is to try and build a custom village in this world
  4. AntheaJr_kcc

    Shop Prices & Tank jobs Need Adjustments

    we mainly need to add the ability to sell more of the items into the shop like some times i need a little bit of oak wood but i can only sell it there (not necessarily wood)
  5. AntheaJr_kcc

    Shop Prices & Tank jobs Need Adjustments

    maby like buying and selling iron gold and all those ore based items would be good as well as "selling" food not buying it
  6. AntheaJr_kcc

    Undan Request

    Homes on your alts??? what do you mean?
  7. AntheaJr_kcc

    Resetting the End City

    Hopefully some one reports them
  8. AntheaJr_kcc

    Resetting the End City

    personaly i see every side of this debate and i can see all of your points so ill start with the origional request for restarting the end i agree with anderson and wizard the problem about reseting the end is that donators will just swoop in and grab every single shell, when the update first came out i went to the end about a week after and traveled nearly 10,000 blocks and still never found a shulker i saw many end ships and citys but not a single shulker next i heard a comment about disabling flying and that it would be to hard to navigate the end with just enderpearls but when i traveled the end i did not have a elytra so i was relying on enderpearls the hole time so yes it was hard but its posible to just use enderpearls in the end. some one else said hackers would just cheat well to be honest hackers are just everywhere so saying one idea wont work cuz of hackers dose not make sense cuz hackers could lets say break the maze that wizard requested now lets get to wizards idea about challeges personaly i really like this idea cuz it would make it interesting recently i have made mini challenges for myself like mapping out the entire server or completing all the achevments (which i completed but then lost it all cuz of the 1.12 update :( :( ) but having lets say a dungon that you can do for a fee would be interesting and make it fair for everyone to get a shulkershell (hackers not included) next anderson mentioned that the question idea would not work well cuz you player a can tell player b the answer OK that is fair but player a cant help player b to do parkor anderson also said that player a could just make alt accounts true but with a fee they are still paying for a chance to get the shulker shell cuz if they die all 5 times (as wizard said) they would lose adding shulker shells to they lucky drop thing would be a nice idea but no one uses it anyway cuz the odds are so bad and you dont even know what you could get i have done it befor and got nothing but dirt after nearly 50 trys adding it to the shop would also be a nice idea but as wizard put it the shop needs to be updated to the economy but even then it would be hard cuz even now for some people 500$ is a lot for other people its nothing my bal has never got above 3000$ for a long time but for xtreamezer0 his bal is 30,000 (i think) my solution to this would be (like wizard) to add a dungeon like challenge where you have to fight mini bosses or do a maze and make it random for what you would have to do so you cant just get on a alt account and copy what you did (im good at red stone and command blocks so i can get something for the randomising part of it for you) and to make it so its even harder add a time limit or death conter or both even as for hackers they are everywhere so nothing is going to stop them
  9. AntheaJr_kcc

    UnBan Afk Fishing Request

    i would like to request that AFK Fishing be unbanned i feel like some bans made by the admins are unnecessary and i feel like this is one of them yes i do see the point where i come back from afk and i have a lot of stuff is a bit overpowered but honestly that applies to afking in general if i afk a blaze farm i get tons of blaze rods which give me a lot of money same thing with other mobs and stone gens a afk fish farm does the same thing every other afk farm does so i don't see the point of banning the afk fish farm so i would like to kindly request it be unbanned
  10. AntheaJr_kcc

    Private world request

  11. AntheaJr_kcc

    may i join? AntheaJr_KCC

    my in game name is AntheaJr_KCC, and my alt account is JenTheKiller i would like to request to join private world my friend (ExtremeZer0) was planing on building clan base there as well as some other farms and i would like to help him plus i am planning on building some of my own little contraptions like a shop and auto beef farms i have been banned and i am not going to try to hide it but it was because i was being disrespectful userly i am much more calm but i have been going threw alot lately including my sister's death so i was on the bridge of raging and i am deeply sorry for that i would like to add that this week i am moving and for the next month i'll be coming on rarely
  12. AntheaJr_kcc

    UnBan me pls

    ill explain what happened my friend decided to pvp scotty on my alt account (JenTheKiller) she died once because the server glitched and she could not eat then she died cuz scotty forgot to give her a arrow (by the way she was using my gear) finally they were pvping the 3rd time and she was hit into the fire she tried to get out but scotty jumped in and killed her (this is what she said). then she raged and left. i was mad that my gear just got destroyed by the fire (no offence) you place "anderson" (ps pls remove that fire it's very annoying) i started out calm but my anger got the best of me and i was yelling out the f word and yelled some stuff that i do regret (including calling anderson stupid my apologies) i'm not even expecting to be unbanned but all i want is for you to understand what has happened to me just over the month: my sister died of cancer my parents are dying because of strokes and heart attacks (from my sister's death) my education has ended literally (and i'm 13 just so you know) and all but one of my friends have left me most people say that minecraft is just a game but right now minecraft is all i have i also should add that i have anger problems when i get angry everything is pointed at that one person i'm not saying that this is any reason to what i did i know it was bad what i said and i'm not expecting you to understand how i feel right now but pls try to understand my life is falling apart and all the work i did on this server was deleted if you were in my shoes you would have raged just like me (if you say you would not re-read my list) by the way as i said i'm not expecting to be unbanned but pls try to understand how i feel

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