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  1. accepted

    hey anthea congrats
  2. I like that idea, but I think they should add bones aswell, even nether brick and nether warts would be good to add to the list.
  3. If you wish to be verified try to help people and not take advantage of them.
  4. accepted

    GL enjy I hope ya get into private
  5. well i can see how you guys think things could go wrong with chance but while it is a bummer when you get bad luck is that not life some times? I've seen a person first join the sever and win the lotto while the rest of us where trying for days. I think chance adds a little fun to it.
  6. what if instead of getting money for lucky blocks you got like end stone for (easy), a shulker shell for (medium), and a box for (hard).
  7. I think this is a good idea aswell. I don't mind having the chainmail jobs there I think that they should be worth more so it isn't a waste of resources. The becon one needs to go tho.
  8. Something like that
  9. accepted

    Good luck Anthea. Hope you get accepted.
  10. I don't think disabling flying is a good idea. Maby even setting a shulker spawner in some of the cities would allow everyone to get some.
  11. gl I think u would be a great verified marc
  12. i like the idea of the end being reset so that us newer player could get some shulkers without paying super high prices
  13. accepted

    yea we are on it now
  14. accepted

    Accually just found out that our trip is going to be a month or so.
  15. My ingame name is XtremeZer0 and I would like to be added to the private world. I have no warns and have been here for three months. I wish to build some auto farms, which require flat land. Such and an iron farm, villager breeder , and wheat, beat, melon, punkin, sugarcane farms as well. I am planning to build my clan base there which will incule if all goes well some floating islands and a pymaid made from black glass, there will be some castles and ect there aswell. I also would like to build my base there, is would be nice since it would not get deleted and I would not have to clear any of the land. I would like to build some big buildings that I do not what to get deleted. I love this sever and wish to be able to set up a perm base. I will be gone on a trip on the 17th of this month and may be gone for 2 weeks.


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