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  1. Nether world, Shall we reset it along with 1.14?

    I think that would be legit, just gotta grab my stuff so give everyone enough time to grab their stuff.
  2. accepted Private world request 2.0

  3. accepted Creative World Request

    Hey Drayton gl
  4. UnBan Afk Fishing Request

    Look you dont anything really good from one least ive never got much. But even if you did its really fair play in my opinion. Anyone can do it its not hard to go afk.
  5. accepted Creative World Request

    Ey Dj gl hope you can join. :D
  6. UnBan Afk Fishing Request

    Actually rough just change your right click put a stone on it no mod needed and personally i dont think it gives any unfair advantages. Its kinda like a mob farm all ya got to do is build it.
  7. pending Something, something... Marsupials

    Good luck, youd be great man!!
  8. accepted Private world request 2.0

    Ya would make it better for sure!! rag ma man
  9. accepted Creative world request - lois_nta

    Hope ya can join gl lois
  10. accepted Creative world access

    Gl anthea
  11. accepted XtremeZer0's Creative request

    For those that may be worried the my redstone testing may be a mess, i can assure you i like to make my restone projects look good and not just a mess. Allot such as restone lamp displays are super expensive and difficult to do in survial so its easier to get it right in creative first.
  12. accepted XtremeZer0's Creative request

    I forgot to mention that i have no knowledge of any trips anytime soon.