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  1. First of all, I wan't just to say hello to all admins and say to them that the server is cool, keep up with the great work ;) And two, i wan't to talk about the subject to ban players. I have an experiment with getting banned with my account (amre) and i was very sad, Getting banned is a big problem to anyone, But now i'm really sorry for what happen and what i did ;( :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: My In-Game name is:amre Reason I was banned: I was getting so much warning from admins Reason I should be unbanned: I'm really sorry to all people that i say bad words to them i promise this will never be again Other comments that may help the situation: I hope you understand my situation, i love the server and i love all admins, but i did some things that make them angry, and i promise now, i promise (from my hearth) that will never happen again. And a last message to all others players : NEVER NEVER NEVER do something to make admins angry !! -Peace (and plz unban) amre PS : I joined a gift to ;) hope you accept it !