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  1. I have a strange issue

    Verified, uninstalled and reinstalled. Same drive and different drives it makes no difference. I have spent many hours pouring over forum posts on steam and reddit and anywhere else a google search has led me but so far nothing seems to work. All I'm really after is an alternative to steam for the patches. I really don't know if it's even possible or how to do it as I'm not an expert.
  2. I have a strange issue

    Too much stuff and not enough buckets is what it told me. I can only assume that meant that I was short on disk space but over 200 gigs of free space says otherwise so I'm stumped. When I reopened steam it started to download 13.6 gigs worth of updates which is 12 more than I needed yesterday. It got all the way to 13.4 and stalled again which is usually what happens. I followed the instructions and placed the cmd file in my game directory and the .bat ran for quite some time before the error. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks
  3. Hello I joined here looking for some help and I'm hoping you can help. I already own Ark but I am unable to update it through steam and none of the various fixes I've found seem to solve my issue. All I really need is an alternate download for patches. Will the updater work for that or does it only work for a cracked version of the game? This has been an issue for me from the start. Steam is the only app that gives me a problem and at this point I really don't know what else to do. Hope you can help me out. Thanks