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  1. Banned for joking around with a friend

    For the 100th time, saying "I love trump" "Negro" isn't racism. The time I said "Neger" (which is racist) It was to a friend and it was in another language which no one understands. So I don't see how it could harm anyone
  2. Banned for joking around with a friend

    So being annoying in chat equals to a 2 week ban? Why not to a 2 week chat ban?
  3. Banned for joking around with a friend

    And if you somehow get offended by the color black (negro), then I have no words.
  4. Banned for joking around with a friend

    First off all, the third warn was false, saying negro then arguing about it in chat isn't really spamming / racism (Negro means black) Also the flying ban I got was true and I regret it and ever since that day I've never used flying mods nor' xray
  5. I got banned for telling my friend "Tja neger" which in English means "Hi nigger". He isn't really bothered by it or anything. I don't see the point of PERMA BANNING ME if I am being rude in the chat. Just perma mute me instead? I'd say that you should get perma banned if you continuesly cheat!


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