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  1. Scotty


    Myrvalco just warned me again for "using mods", and i didnt even spend time on the server (not over 15 mins), as i only camped at my biz when refilling it, if he has some sort of proof that i have hacked, i would want it immediately, since this is the 3rd time im warned for no reason. Probably cuz he wants me banned (because of sh3p, his old bestie). Anders, pls fix this or demote him. im f****ing pissed off of having to make this useless thread daily.
  2. Scotty

    Banned Again By Same Admin

    also, you have only given me a warn, but since its a 6th warn that made it to 2 weeks, but remember that one of my warns is a continuation, making your warn only as a 5th and not 6th warn, thats why i should be unbanned, you gave me a warn and you cant change it. here is my payment info since i couldnt find the transaction number. [EDITED]
  3. Scotty

    Banned Again By Same Admin

    No, if you knew what that meant, it means if that i abused it alot, then i could get banned, since the ur the only oen complaining why ban me lol
  4. Scotty

    Banned Again By Same Admin

    yes, but as i said, even tho if ths is considered spamming wait and wtf are u doing in my base bro. get out. So even thought its spammig i paid for remove warnings so i should only have 1 warning.
  5. Banned for 2 weeks for spamming? Even if its for the warns, I paid to get the warns removed to anderson and nothing happened, so this should just be a warn (even though its not spamming), we were not spamming, maybe he came back after 1 hour and saw me tlaking only (like all chat msgs by me), since i was talking to balba and gogo on skype, and other peple were off, or have no friends (to chat with), no one reported me or told me to stop. please, fix this crap.
  6. Scotty

    Banned For No Reason

    So what literally happened is that myrvalco banned me for 7 days for "speed hacking on arzul hd" and i dont even know who the f is arzul hd or whatever that name is. I am not sure how it is linked to my account (i suppose it is), after the issue of the impersonators trying to log in on multiple accounts (minekrafts, voltons, etc), so it might of been that guy who is speed hacking and is linked to me. Please re consider my ban. Pics show that hacker linking accounts together (on his ip), Please fix this. and if it was me who allegedly "speed hacked", I want evidence of that. Since I don't remember any usage of hacked clients since the time i was banned for kill aura.
  7. Scotty


    Good luck dude! Just one note, as I've seen many other verified requests, they did write more, perhaps 1 - 2 paragraphs? Yours is too brief. Just a suggestion, since someone would tell you "You can help them without verified" Good luck bro
  8. So, this thread is basically for the owner's / head admins to read. What I thought about is basically a world where the borders are maybe 29,000,000 blocks (like a normal survival world), although the main reason other worlds are small is because to expand it for more updated chunks (updates apply on new chunks) which makes us unable to explore woodland mansions and ocean monuments. So my suggestion is that we open a world named "exploration, that gets reset every update, signs would be put to inform you that any build you put will be lost in the next update, but it would be really worth it so we can explore, thank you for your understading. Have a great day!
  9. Scotty

    Minecraft server update, 1.12

    Yay! Thanks!
  10. Scotty

    An Issue With Kangopt

    Case is solved and I've talked to my friend Prestige, it was easy to breed more. There is no issue with any staff member. :P
  11. Scotty

    Mistaken Warn By Kangopt

    Umm Hello? has there been anything updated yet? sorry for double post dont know how to fix it :O
  12. Wait, what does that mean "rape everyone and everything" lmfao, we were talking about villagers.
  13. So, this guy called tntplayzMC teleported to me, and then started spamming, so I did what I should do and I reported him for that, I asked him to stop, and he did not, so I went ahead and put a lava bucket on him, he went up and flied. He also admitted and apologised for that too, as he was very sorry for it, but this does not make it allowed for him to hack, I hope he learns it the easy way and not the hard way as I did. NOTE: He has previously spammed before. First pic: A Photo of him flying Second pic: Same Pic (Just To Show It's Not Fake) Third Pic: Him spamming

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