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  1. Best o' luck to ya, Blue ( ^^)b
  2. accepted

  3. I done /ignore, but it didn't seem to work for the tpa requests, but I guess maybe I either done it wrong or I need to relog or something. But anyway, I'll continue to ignore him if he's at it again =)
  4. Howdy, Draston here to reinforce my report against ewd yesterday. Anyway, he continues to request that I should teleport him to me, and each time I've said no. He's proven to me that he's an untrustworthy player 'cause he has attempted to kill me, and has killed Spectre and taken items before. Besides the point, here's some screenshots taken on different days of his requests:
  5. accepted

    Ah, thanks Scotty =P
  6. Howdy, Draston here. I'd like to join private world for the pure enjoyment of just creating things. I enjoy building many creative things, that I find interesting. In World_3 I've already built a big tree, a waterfall, a cat statue, crying ghost child (FNAF references~) and a snow globe. Sure, I do plan on building a house there too, but nothing too extravagant like the others. I am but a simple guy. Anyhoozle, as for the holiday/vacation thing, that won't be a problem. I play regularly. I leave the rest up to you, head admin. Bye-nara :P

    Okay, so I've played with DJLadyBug for some time now, and I can honestly say that she is a great person, and she's trustworthy too. Helpful, friendly, fun. She does what she means with utmost sincerity. So, good luck DJ, I hope you get it. Dras, out.
  8. Okay, so, hey. I am Draston. I am usualy a solo player, but I don't mind helping others out with things. I'm not as active in the chat, 'cause I prefer to just watch and observe. I do answer, if needs be though. Usually, if I see a player having a rough time, or struggling to start out, I'd offer supplies or help them out. I don't charge $ for anything that I give out, but if they feel like they should pay, I don't stop them. As for why I want to be verified, it's mainly because I think it'd be pretty neat. I reckon that I'm an okay guy. =)


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