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  1. GTFO bitchos
  2. u know what i love this server, admins, owner, players everyone ok just everyone he(agentxnihal) wasn't hacking so no one told anything i use p0rnhu8 yea right LMAO FAM and i dont want boyfriend i just wanted to say jerk OFF viciously!! this is never unfair i am fed up with myself everyone is a god here yea and OWNER ADMINS PLAYERS love EVRYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am never joining the server back u GORGEOUS beings hhhhhhh
  3. hey after i get unbanned can i still apply for admin and if yes is there any chance the OWNER/ADMIN/MODERATOER etc will choose me if no then can you please explain them that i learned my lesson and and i will not hack also i will never break rules ALSO i will be polite please tell them to give me 1 chanceif no i can understand no problem if yes then THANKS :D anyways see ya

    Just fill the ADMIN APPLICATION and they might see it :) anyways goodluck
  5. ok i am sorry and i will make sure i do not hack. and i am sorry on behalf of my brother (for hacking) and i will make sure he removes his hacks too. By the way i am sorry for Violeting the rules i am sorry and i will make sure i don't use them again
  6. I was Hacking i accept but read previous post Neo_Voltron told BHARGAV UNDER NEW NAME and so i told it was my brother i never told HE was hacking. I WAS hacking i accept... but i never told my brother was hacking. i told don't combine us like BHARGAV under a new name. i told my brother recommended this server so i came and i told HE USED to hack and so i thought it was fine so i hacked i never ever told HE was hacking on my ACC.
  7. how do i explain that BHARGAV is not me it is my brother we both just play on wifi he recommended this server and so i came on. our pc's are different but we use same home wifi so how do i PROVE you that :sad: it was really my brother and not me tell me how do i prove do u want my brother to come on server and me both together and ask him (my real life name is RAJEN and yes we are from india)
  8. plz plz plz plz sorrrrrryy i promise i will not use hacks u can even check if u want to PLEASE i will not even swear i promise PLEASE I BEG UNBAN ME PLEASE
  9. NEO_ANDERSON can please please unban me (reason hacking but i promise i wont hack ever after i promise please)


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