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    u know what i love this server, admins, owner, players everyone ok just everyone he(agentxnihal) wasn't hacking so no one told anything i use p0rnhu8 yea right LMAO FAM and i dont want boyfriend i just wanted to say jerk OFF viciously!! this is never unfair i am fed up with myself everyone is a god here yea and OWNER ADMINS PLAYERS love EVRYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am never joining the server back u GORGEOUS beings hhhhhhh
  2. unban me PLEASE i promise i will not hack

    hey after i get unbanned can i still apply for admin and if yes is there any chance the OWNER/ADMIN/MODERATOER etc will choose me if no then can you please explain them that i learned my lesson and and i will not hack also i will never break rules ALSO i will be polite please tell them to give me 1 chanceif no i can understand no problem if yes then THANKS :D anyways see ya
  3. LordDoge- Verifed Application

    Just fill the ADMIN APPLICATION and they might see it :) anyways goodluck
  4. unban me PLEASE i promise i will not hack

    ok i am sorry and i will make sure i do not hack. and i am sorry on behalf of my brother (for hacking) and i will make sure he removes his hacks too. By the way i am sorry for Violeting the rules i am sorry and i will make sure i don't use them again
  5. unban me PLEASE i promise i will not hack

    I was Hacking i accept but read previous post Neo_Voltron told BHARGAV UNDER NEW NAME and so i told it was my brother i never told HE was hacking. I WAS hacking i accept... but i never told my brother was hacking. i told don't combine us like BHARGAV under a new name. i told my brother recommended this server so i came and i told HE USED to hack and so i thought it was fine so i hacked i never ever told HE was hacking on my ACC.
  6. unban me PLEASE i promise i will not hack

    how do i explain that BHARGAV is not me it is my brother we both just play on wifi he recommended this server and so i came on. our pc's are different but we use same home wifi so how do i PROVE you that :sad: it was really my brother and not me tell me how do i prove do u want my brother to come on server and me both together and ask him (my real life name is RAJEN and yes we are from india)
  7. unban me PLEASE i promise i will not hack

    plz plz plz plz sorrrrrryy i promise i will not use hacks u can even check if u want to PLEASE i will not even swear i promise PLEASE I BEG UNBAN ME PLEASE
  8. NEO_ANDERSON can please please unban me (reason hacking but i promise i wont hack ever after i promise please)


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