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  1. amr ahmed

    {hope to get unbanned and unwarned}

    hmm something like that ''u are internationally using bugs'' or somehow i dont remember
  2. amr ahmed

    {hope to get unbanned and unwarned}

    Thats all what i talk to james in team speak
  3. My In-Game name is: amr Reason I was banned: using a bug Reason I should be unbanned: iam so sorry i didn't notice that its a bug first but i mistake and continued. i will never use any bugs again.its my first warn and ban and i apologise to using this bug. Other comments that may help the situation: i cant bear waiting 3 days i only play in team neo server and i only play this game. i love u all teamneo and i hope to get unbanned and unwarned from the name or the ip. i'd like to continue my work fast and enjoy playing in this amazing server..My brother is playing in the server in the same network and he got banned as well. Thank you for reading. :happy: :sad: :sad: :sad: :ohmy: :ohmy:

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