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    I have received an msg. that Quetzal has been spotted flying, went there for myself and I have seen one. So the problem is fixed. Can't edit first post so have to post it here.
  2. PBG Fikus


    Hello, fellow ARK players! I have a couple of good suggestions that most players would agree on. 1. that Quetzal not spawning problem needs to be fixed, I'll do some more research and I will post it here if I find something good. Don't know if you restarted the server when you changed the Dino count, but I couldn't find any Quetzals around the map. 2. I'd like and I think most of the players would love this. I know you've recently increased XP to 5 but it still seems slow, and this would allow new players to keep up with older players. My suggestion is to increase it to at least 8. 3. Now let's talk about Gain per level, this definitely needs some tweaking. I have a Turtle tamed Level 120 and its Health per level is 300. And it's not just health that's low gain per lvl, same goes for damage, stamina, movement speed, etc.. With the current settings I think Dinos aren't useful at all IMO. Dino gains +300 Level Taming Speed: x20 Harvesting Damage: x2 Damage: x1.5 (Wild) Stamina gain per level: x1.5 (Tamed) Melee damage gain per level: x2 (Tamed) Carrying capacity gain per level: x1.5 (Tamed) 4. Breeding/Hatching I think this needs tweaking since time needed to hatch those things is absurd. Breeding Mating Interval: x0.8 Egg Hatch Speed: x4 Baby Mature Speed: x4 Baby imprinting stat scale: x1 Baby cuddle interval: x1.2 Baby cuddle grace period: x2 Baby cuddle lose imprint after grace period: x0.5 5. Player gain per level. Max level should stay like it is now. Player XP x8 Health gain per level: x1.5 Stamina gain per level: x2 Oxygen gain per level: x2 Carrying capacity gain per level: x2 Melee damage gain per level: x1.5 Speed gain per level: x1.5 Temperature gain per level: x2 Crafting speed gain per level: x2 Well those are my suggestions, hopefully Mr. Anderson reads them and add them to his server at least some of these. And possibly if you can add one more admin to your team since you're probably busy and can't be online all the time.
  3. PBG Fikus

    Where are the Quetzalls ?

    Haven't played on #2, but u should set dinocount to 1.0 on #1 also and do a wild dino wipe. Most likely it is going to get quetzals spawning again. Btw. did u consider adding some mods like increased stack size?
  4. PBG Fikus

    Where are the Quetzalls ?

    Whats ur dino count set to, Anderson?
  5. PBG Fikus

    Ark Survival Evolved - How To Update

    Anderson, when are you going to wipe this world, It's been a long time now. And I have a few suggestions if you're interested I'll send it to you inbox.
  6. PBG Fikus

    Ark Survival Evolved - How To Update

    Goddamit I did something wrong, had to reinstall entire game. Is this how I was suppose to unpack the rar file? http://prntscr.com/c7ew7k Btw, now since I uninstalled my ARK, what's going to happen to my ingame character does it save locally on my pc or in server?
  7. PBG Fikus

    Ark Survival Evolved - How To Update

    Goddamit, It's taking so long to update for me. Probably did something wrong..

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