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  1. BANNED pls unban it was all sheep's fault

    i get it but what i said was that why does my friend have to suffer too?
  2. BANNED pls unban it was all sheep's fault

    yea but that house wasnt all mine and my friend didnt do shit do deserve that :> yea i get it i do for being a huge asshole but hes cool and done nothing wrong and you deleted his items as well thats why "quite some admins"
  3. BANNED pls unban it was all sheep's fault

    and now you destroyed everything? wow quite some admins
  4. BANNED pls unban it was all sheep's fault

    i made 5 topics by accident and yea the nazi flag was my friends idea i just wanted to make russia flag but i dont blame him now yea im sorry
  5. im just a refugee from tadjikistan and plus sheep was insulting me so i got salty and responded and this server doesnt have too many players and i just play time to time and people really cant take the irony in my jokes </3

    Yea , I got a 2 weeks ban for homophobic behaviour... Shouldn't I get just muted for that kind of behaviour . I mean give me 1 year mute , I don't care , but why ban? Oh well I might be wrong but still , my opinion ~TobiasGrahl


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