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  1. nischkar

    My Verification Request

    Good luck enjy
  2. Player: coolgirl Reason: Offensive language, and she is even talking bad about me to other people Attached is the screenshots. Though i am not able to capture the tpa spams since i ignored it
  3. nischkar

    unban IP address Range

    Thank you for the consideration. Cheers. :biggrin:
  4. nischkar

    Private World Request - Sh3p #2

    Goodluck Sh3p47 :biggrin:
  5. nischkar

    unban IP address Range

    Hi good day to the admins. I am requesting for the unban of the ip range: - Reason: This is the public IP range of country, the criminal did it using the ip address in this range. Thank you for your time, and i hope that this will be reconsidered. If you are asking: I am not the one who did the crimes, it just happened to be the public ip range of our country. Also this is my first time using my cellular network to play, i used to play at home using DSL, so i have a different IP.
  6. [...]one of my most loyal colleagues. <3

  7. nischkar

    Chat spam

    Reason: Chat spamming
  8. ign: riki notes: we already told him to stop, but he didnt.
  9. nischkar

    Requesting for the evidence against me

    I am sorry for that, but i am not the only one doing that. And from my view point, we are laughing and not really insulting. Furthermore, why is my warning "Asking for mods" as from that excerpt there isn't really a part "where i asked for mod". Thanks
  10. ign: Ze_ftw notes: he created another account, welcomed it. and gave it money
  11. Hello nischkar here. Good Day, I am just requesting for the evidence or the "chat" that lead to my warning. (warning from Mr. Neo_RealJay) Just would like to know what did I said that is considered illegal or improper that caused my warning. Thanks.
  12. I hope he gets the punishment he deserves. http://www.team-neo.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=24215<- post about an old killer/thief. I advise you don't just really tp to anyone.
  13. nischkar


    ign: grigoris reason: hacking notes: flying, walking on water

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