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  1. i want to become an Team neo admin, and i can really build house.. are you trying to say newbie can't build house?? i played minecraft 4 years and i join this server You think newbie can't build house??.
  2. Hi there i am Zeref, - InGame Name:Zeref - Your Age: 14 - How long you've played BF Hardline For: few days like 10 - Have you ever been Admin on another BFHardline Server Before?:no - Why you would like to become Admin: Cuz i like team neo server and it is a great server :D i like to help people doing stuff building house and i meet many friends , that why i wish to becoming an admin :) i don't rage and i just go to pvp and kill people xD hope you accept me as a platoon member or a admin member :D
  3. Hi, i'm Zeref and first i like to play team neo server, and minecraft neo server is a great Minecraft server and i want to become an Verified Player To help people Why i want to be Verified?? it's because i like to help people and people who joined team neo i can help them , and i want to become friendly and helpful Verified Player. i know i say those words are not interested , but i want to become an verified player to help people and help those newbie who don't know how to play. and, can i be an verified player :biggrin:, thanks for reading this. READ PLEASE THANKS PLEASE

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