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  1. LordDoge

    Verification Request

    may the memes protec you gud luc
  2. hey dude were you a admin when i posted my request of verification or not but anyways congrats on becoming admin bye!

    1. LordDoge


      oh wait u were not sorry

  3. LordDoge

    LordDoge- Verifed Application

    also i said that cuz its been one year atleast deny it
  4. LordDoge

    LordDoge- Verifed Application

    hey can someone atleast see my request?
  5. LordDoge

    CharlieTrike has been promoted to: Minecraft Verified

    congrats random human
  6. LordDoge

    LordDoge- Verifed Application

    thanks myrvalco
  7. LordDoge

    Verified Player Request

    hope u get verified atleast someone will verified! :biggrin:
  8. Hello am looking to be verified i have been here since 1.5.2 but not in the website in the servers i had a lot of issues since the server updated a lot. I lost all of my friends and i would like to atleast be verified. I Want to be a verified player because i have been playing for sometime hopefully some of my friends would come back so i would like to be more helpful and help others resolve issues and even fights but if am a normal member none would listen That Was My Application If Anyone Knows My Friends Please Tell Me Here Are There Names: nanotte and mounet am not sure if i typed they names right sorry if i did bye guys am sorry for wasting your time bye i might be wrong on nobody listening to me i don't know so yea bye am sorry for naming it application i forgot bout it

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