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  1. Unban me please

    I am patient, I just saw no one answered me in 1 week so I wanted to know what is happening. And for your citation no admin banned "without reason" ,I am afraid that on tthis game a lot of admin ban without reason when they are killed by several people with a little more level than the average of players. Thanks for the goodluck.
  2. Unban me please

    No respond?? someone is alive??
  3. Unban me please

    Hi, Reason you were banned?: The reason was "aimbot/hack" My username is : boss55555 Why should you be unbanned?*: I play bfh almost since its release and I remenber that I was banned because I was playing scope and that night I was playing really well and without reason admin banned me.I am a fair player I raged almost never on chat and simply I like to play on this server. Thank you to take into consideration, and if you need more info please let me know.