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  1. Verification Request

    valco if i want to apply this request that u commented on valid or i have to do another one?
  2. It has been two years and couple months since i have started an account and played on this prestigious and magnanimous server , this server persuade me in being totally obsessed with the game MINECRAFT, couple weeks ago my cousin (Pinslice) told me it would be counterproductive if i don't set up a forum account and send in a request to be verified .Through out the several of months on the server i have always practice good behavioral conduct to all of my friends on the game, i also help out in the assisting the new comers with food, tools and "million dolloar" advises. I would be much appreciated if u can make me , be apart of the team NEO_FAMILY .thanks for listening . yours truly SLICEMAN
  3. Its been two years and couple months since i have been on this prestigious server, and i think it is wise of me to apply to be verified... this is my first only minecraft on pc server i ever took so serious with playing, the social environment for this server is awesome


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