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  1. Hello , I know I might not get it, but its a worth a try. So anyways i have played for a while now, been busy alot of playing it and building. i love to build in minecraft and really like the staffs here. they are friendly with me and they give me dumbs up for my buildings cuz im not 1 of these guys who don't put effort in building. i put alot of effort in building and allways get a good respond for it. people like my buildings. I will help people if I have time or know how to help, but never will give free items unless its my made and i don't need it. i NEVER have / sweared / beeng disrespectful in that server. staffs like me, and i like them. Thet respect me, i respect them back I'm very active If i see any cheating or rule breaking, i allways tell it to admins. I feel as if other players and admins might consider me as a trusted player i am a very good builder and a very good talker, i would like more to be a builder in this server and build a city maybe for it and the shops and stuff. i really like building, i can build in medvedieval and modern and regular building style. Anyways thanks for reading this if you are,I would appreciate it if you consider me as trustworthy. -HDsannu

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