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  1. hello Dirt_mann please follow these instructions : goodluck
  2. if you disable flying then how are you able to go to the cities ? you can't build walkways since it's protected and if you use an ender pearl you have a chance to fall in the void
  3. I'm for the idea of SeniorWizard because if the end city gets resetted, donators will rush to them and the new players won't be able to get them and the idea of wizard supports new players the most in my opinion because shulkers are sold for 1000 dollars ATM but with that alternative way they are able to get it for much less My vote goes to SeniorWizard
  4. denied

    a player can use 2 accounts but if you are banned you are not able to go on the second account you were banned by SeniorWizard in the first place for advertising on the discord server admins have told you not to do that but you did because you didn't listen admins gave you a chance you didn't take the chance unfortunate after you were banned you went on a second account and went to your friend TheMarcellus to play minecraft even tho you knew you were banned after i banned both of you because YOU were ban evading you asked me on discord to unban the IP and ban your IP but when i said that i was not doing that you said ''fuck you valco'' this more than enough information to not unban you for me
  5. resolved

    awsomegamer plays some time on the same internet as TheMarcellus awsomegamer is banned and he joined today as DeadBarney on your IP so he is ban evading there for the ban
  6. sorted, thanks
  7. denied

    i banned you because you have 3 warnings, warn number 1 is for insulting an admin warn number 2 is for using your hacked client and warn number 3 is for refusing to delete your client therefor you are banned i don't see why you should be unbanned the ban stays wait 7 days to come back topic locked and marked as denied
  8. I would love to help you building But I'm not good in building xD
  9. denied

    the ban will stay topic locked and marked as denied
  10. denied

    anyform of using mods is not allowed if you want to know what mods are allowed then type this in the chat: !help mods [CLIENT NAME] is a hacked client and u used it to have fun with that means that you didn't remove your mods when i told you to remove them it may not cause harm to the server but it's still a hacked client that contains all sort of mods just as fly and the [MOD NAME] mod

    This request is valid, if you want to make another one then edit this one or reply on this one with the new request, do not make another topic
  12. Better than the original, good job and keep doing this you earned +1 sub
  13. hey dude were you a admin when i posted my request of verification or not but anyways congrats on becoming admin bye!

    1. LordDoge


      oh wait u were not sorry

  14. denied

    2017-07-19 15:40:22[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : F*#k you 2017-07-19 15:40:22[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : U d*ck 2017-07-19 15:40:37[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : Swag shut up 2017-07-19 15:40:37[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : Get me a new dog or else 2017-07-19 15:40:53[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : Or else i ruin ur life 2017-07-19 15:41:38[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : Danijal 2017-07-19 15:41:53[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : U are an idiot This is not the kind of behavior I want to see. The ban stays on 7 days because you need to learn from your mistakes
  15. denied

    just like scotty's warn your warns are valid too and you kept breaking the rules that's why you are banned


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