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  1. this is really american lol 8/10 ^ Genre: Dark Country
  2. denied

    i have banned you in the first place for having homes on your alt accounts, and indeed your ban would've gotten expired soon BUT you ban evaded with the account SuperPsychoLove and that is against the rules that's why your ban is extended. you also know that you should not be ban evading since you have done that before this is the reason why i decline this request, the ban stays
  3. i'm all for it , you're a great person to talk to and have fun with you help players when they need help with building etc. goodluck
  4. liked it, i give a 8/10 ^ genre : Dark Country
  5. this needs to be alive again, i give this a solid 9/10 i really enjoyed it ^ genre: Dark Country
  6. denied

    you did not forget the rule, i've asked you if you have read the rules and if you understand them you said ''yes'' i have also told you that you can not have homes on your alt accounts the ban stays
  7. accepted

    congratulations !
  8. accepted

    congratulations !
  9. accepted

    congratulations !
  10. accepted

    i've seen your creations on the server and i think it would be great to have some more good looking buildings in the private world so that there be more variation in the world. and i believe you're trustworthy enough to be on the world goodluck
  11. I like how you say "I hope more people will play and FOLLOW THE RULES" while you break them Try to be nicer to people, help then when they need help And DON'T insult people when you think they are breaking the rules, just contact an admin or report them with /report [player name].
  12. unbanned

    unbanned. sorry for the trouble
  13. i think it's the best to let people work for them not be able to buy it from the shop and it's probably more fun aswell perhaps make a seperate pr that is very hard to do or like wizard said do it as an achievement or do it like that there is a somesort of parkour with mob arena, maze etc. to make it more fun to earn the shulker boxes, I myself think that's the best way to let people earn the shulker boxes
  14. hello Dirt_mann please follow these instructions : goodluck


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