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    This request is valid, if you want to make another one then edit this one or reply on this one with the new request, do not make another topic
  2. Better than the original, good job and keep doing this you earned +1 sub
  3. hey dude were you a admin when i posted my request of verification or not but anyways congrats on becoming admin bye!

    1. LordDoge


      oh wait u were not sorry

  4. 2017-07-19 15:40:22[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : F*#k you 2017-07-19 15:40:22[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : U d*ck 2017-07-19 15:40:37[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : Swag shut up 2017-07-19 15:40:37[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : Get me a new dog or else 2017-07-19 15:40:53[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : Or else i ruin ur life 2017-07-19 15:41:38[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : Danijal 2017-07-19 15:41:53[MSG]: [Zer0Squad]thehellguy : U are an idiot This is not the kind of behavior I want to see. The ban stays on 7 days because you need to learn from your mistakes
  5. you clearly posted an IP adress of another minecraft server, that is considerd advertising
  6. just like scotty's warn your warns are valid too and you kept breaking the rules that's why you are banned
  7. hello Scotty69 i've caught you fly hacking in /spawn hub today
  8. unbanned

    I have hereby unbanned you since all warnings are removed except for the most recent one
  9. unbanned

    hello Scotty69 if you get proof that you payed for the warning removal, then i will reduce your ban with 7 days if it's not below 3 warnings by proof i mean the transaction number on paypal
  10. resolved

    Hello scotty69, you got banned due to a system glitch that caused to ban your account instead of the person I was banning I'm sorry this happened to you
  11. unbanned

    if what you're saying is true, i can still ban you since the punishment is anything upto a ban
  12. unbanned

    hello scotty, i have caught you spamming, yesterday you were spamming so i said ''if i see you spamming again i will issue a warning'' so you spammed again today. you have been banned because you got a 5th warning and you have been banned twice before it doesn't matter if there was no body online or nobody reported you i have caught you spamming so i took action. also it clearly says in the rules ''No Spamming. Punishment: anything upto a ban.''
  13. thanks sweeper :)
  14. Thanks guys :)
  15. I give that one a 9/10 ^ I loved it Genre is frenchcore


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