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  2. Myrvalco you can accept me in creative world?

  3. UnBan Afk Fishing Request

    Well a mob farm gives you drops such as rotten flesh, an afk machine gives you not only fish but enchantments, it gives an unfair advantage at people who can't stay afk all the day and besides who is going to put something heavy on your mouse you can easily bypass the system. It's better that it stays banned
  4. Admin request

    This is not how you apply for admin .. This is also for battlefield hardline
  5. pending Verified

    Galaxy_girl107, You're a good person, but you need to obey the rules more often as I have warned/banned you before, Also, try to help more players in-game, I'm not seeing you helping people when I'm online, I wish you goodluck ~Valco
  6. denied im sorry for breaking the rules

    you keep changing personalities and get in fights with other players , get some rest request denied for this one contact me on discord if you feel yourself again
  7. denied im sorry for breaking the rules

    if you didn't mean to impersonated flower, then why did you do it ?
  8. Verified request

    hello mia, i'm glad to hear that you have more free time now i believe you are ready to be verified you helped players a lot on the server before and i think you will keep doing that i don't think you are going to abuse verified since you're too nice for that i support this request and i vouch for you to get verified since i think you deserve it we need more players like you in the server goodluck, ~Valco
  9. unbanned Unban request (again...)

    it is probably the best that you check who's in your trust list, i will unban you for this time, since i believe you didn't do this. The warn will stay since it is still your responsibility
  10. accepted roughtoast- private world request

    goodluck toast :)
  11. accepted elieva - creative world

    goodluck eva :) i hope you'll be in creative world soon :)
  12. in-game name: myrvalco i'm here since january 2016 (mc) , december 2015 (battlefield hardline) i've been here for 2 years now and i think people deem me as trustworthy and i hope they know me as well why do i want to be in creative world ?, well i honestly think mc is getting boring, i need some more adventure and i think getting into creative world is good for getting back into mc survival since you can get inspiration from there that you can build in survival, am i aware of up comming vacations ?, i'm not going on holidays anytime soon, if i am then i'll bring my laptop with me so i can keep playing thank you for reading,i hope this is enough information, if you need more information please comment below :)
  13. incomplete To Private world

    Borderland please don't make an extra topic for this, it does not increase the chance to get into private world
  14. I'll sort this out, thanks
  15. unbanned unban request

    it is a perm ban since he has too many warnings on his accounts