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  1. hmmm maybe im wrong but someone with nick similar 2 urs said that if that wasnt u thats ok:)
  2. Hmm am i right did u just today called me hax just cuz i killed you many times?
  3. sniperino


    ur right man since when i stared playing there i saw admins maybe 1 time in the week anderson is always late evening so ye server needs more admins for me
  4. game nick;sniperinoPL age:18 2 months in bfh wasnt bfh adm but i im bf4 cuz i love this amazing serv and i love playing there, im mature and i can respect any other players and i wanna help this serv become better. as an adm i will respect other and say people 2 not flame +play fair and with server rules:)

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