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  1. votekick system

    Good luck with the server and yourself
  2. votekick system

    i geuss you forgot about the ban right? Ban me me for insult , while the whole server is insulting everyone. You say insulting is something you dont accept here , why dont ban the whole server then? If you even say ''noob'' is a insult.
  3. votekick system

    If you dont understand that , then ive made my point. You are so black and white , its either that or this theres no way in between. <- ill try to explain , i was going mvp , this bad player who had negative k/d all the time was accusing everyone from cheating ( have you checked the chat logs) , he votekicked me 3 times , i get kicked 3 times im was furious (i think many many other would be pissed when they top of the scoreboard and they get kicked for nothing). I make a topic here sure i say hes a cunt, im mad, but that doesnt matter to you , the only thing you see is ''cunt'' and BAM. thats what i mean. And thats what i mean with my previous post. You cannot put yourself in another person positions. Because either you just dont understand how a other person might think , or what i said before that u simply just dont care what other person saying or doing. You want persons to meet your standards.
  4. votekick system

    Theres a saying in dutch ; '' er valt geen land te bezeilen met jou'' it basicly means, Nomather if im 200% right , nomather if the whole world finds this is right , nomather if all all my arguments are correct , in the end the only thing that matters to you and counts , is what you say and what you think nothing else.
  5. votekick system

    How would you react if you going good on a game and u get votekicked 3 times for nothing. How would a anyone person react? this is.... i dont know i got no words for this i dont , can u explain why do you think that? or show some examples? the only topics ive about people where cause there cheaters , i dont see how that is a vendetta. i make these topics so the admins can see that and can get rid of them.
  6. votekick system

    ive been kicked 3 times by some cunt cause im better then him. neebs_india chech the chat logs. and since you only need 3 votes to succeed you only need 1 dick in the server to fuck it up.
  7. if you go to his weapon stats page you see that around 70ish% of his kills with weapons are headshots. i cant spectate him but im positive he using a aimbot
  8. ...

    Any update on this????
  9. ...

    why im banned anderson
  10. Did this reset serverranks and tokens?
  11. server needs restart ASAP

    Oke. And whats the reason im banned??
  12. admin

    dont bother
  13. InGame Name: NL_Bumblebee - Your Age: 23 - How long you've played BF Hardline For: 1 month since launch after that i stopped playing , now i picked it up again since 3 weeks - Have you ever been Admin on another BFHardline Server Before?: No, but 1.5 years on 2 bf3 servers - Why you would like to become Admin: The server doesn't appear to have many Admins and im sick of the cheaters and rulebreakers , and since the votekick/ban almost never succeeds i think this server despatly needs a few more admin
  14. server needs restart ASAP

    again lagging as fuck
  15. the lag is unplayable , if anyone cares here.....