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    i dont have any
  1. FrozenWolfGaming

    Verified Request

    im proving to you i lost the paper my account password was on. GammaJon i am not lying
  2. FrozenWolfGaming

    Verified Request

    m not lieing to you guys i just lost my account password
  3. FrozenWolfGaming

    Verified Request

    Jay, i understand your point. I havee changed i wont do anything disrespectful as i ever always did EVER again
  4. FrozenWolfGaming

    Verified Request

    Hi I am FrozenWolfGaming and I would like to request Verified Player for these reasons: I want to become a person who is not only a first step member of Team-NeO but i would like to help out much, much more. As well as being a Trusted Player would mean a lot to me after l of the wrong things I have done in the past. I want to change this and become Nicer in a way I would like to request verified in this way I would I could be able to help out more players, and requested assistance when a staff is by far not online I try to keep my anger and doubts to myself as a warning to basically say: "if you do this you will get banned again". and its pretty hard for me if you had an old account who accidentally impersonated because of anger. This experience helps me remember what will happen and what will not and how to improve on that and I would like to tell players just like me how I used to be. And for started yes, I am SenpaiDiamond and I have become something way cooler than a Stump. I hope you understand why I am requesting this position in why and getting this will be the hugest opportunity, I did not make another Forum account to bypass my punishment was over/deleted, Thanks for all of your support!
  5. FrozenWolfGaming

    Dutchwolf verification


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