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  1. On 252.96, 2134 results on UnOfficial server search but cant find ol Team-NeO - Was hoping there was some sort of way to invoke a console and just connect directly to the ip :sad: Have PVP/PVE highlighted as well as Ark+Scorched earth(Did first try with just Ark and got 1998 servers) The search criteria i tried after all 2080 servers loaded: "Team", "Neo" "Team-NeO" I even tried adding the server to favourites via my steam client and i dont get a ping to the server. I can ping it with CMD Prompt but steam is like No, not allowed. I notice i only get about 6 european servers showing, rest are asia and north america.
  2. Hello :smile: Fingers123 is on the same ISP as me, our ISP's range was banned around a year ago. I had to be white listed to get back on. He has to log into a different ISP to get on at the moment. Could we look at please white listing him? Thank you
  3. Hello How do I find and connect to the legit server using my original game? Is the server gone? What is its name? I put Neo into my search criteria and get no results via the in game server browsers. Thanks in Advance!
  4. How do we know you're not an agent... A virus designed to bring down Zion!


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