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  1. Xergxes7

    Cant find server to connect

    On 252.96, 2134 results on UnOfficial server search but cant find ol Team-NeO - Was hoping there was some sort of way to invoke a console and just connect directly to the ip :sad: Have PVP/PVE highlighted as well as Ark+Scorched earth(Did first try with just Ark and got 1998 servers) The search criteria i tried after all 2080 servers loaded: "Team", "Neo" "Team-NeO" I even tried adding the server to favourites via my steam client and i dont get a ping to the server. I can ping it with CMD Prompt but steam is like No, not allowed. I notice i only get about 6 european servers showing, rest are asia and north america.
  2. Xergxes7

    Whitelist Fingers

    Hello :smile: Fingers123 is on the same ISP as me, our ISP's range was banned around a year ago. I had to be white listed to get back on. He has to log into a different ISP to get on at the moment. Could we look at please white listing him? Thank you
  3. Hello How do I find and connect to the legit server using my original game? Is the server gone? What is its name? I put Neo into my search criteria and get no results via the in game server browsers. Thanks in Advance!
  4. Xergxes7

    The Matrix want me.

    How do we know you're not an agent... A virus designed to bring down Zion!

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