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  1. Sh3p47


    Wow what an audacity, I am rendered speechless.
  2. The last thing I am going to say on this forum ever is that whatever administrators' decision would be, it would be something fair and right. I hope that this case is resolved soon. Peace and love to all. :)
  3. Before I sleep, I shall add: I am not going to quote all the conversation that you were having with DJLadybug, but I will just put here an extract of it: He was referring to me since I am a homosexual person. God, help us all.
  4. Hello, dear community, verified players and administrators, I am writing with regard to the troublesome player, named Scotty69. I am sure that every player in the server has a story to tell about him; mostly negative. I'll start with the "purest" rule break, that is spamming. I have spotted him countless times, either counting down to zero, either spamming the /givemoney command. Let me quote some logs to you: IF YOU ARE A MINOR I SUGGEST YOU CLOSE THIS WINDOW NOW. THE INSULTS ARE WAY TOO HARSH. Now moving on to insulting, I think the most things must be said here. In general, I can say that he is generally cursing (though this is something allowed), so undoubtedly he is insulting players as well. I shall provide an example of him insulting GrabarPL. When I saw that, I was literally rendered speechless. Then, today, after having trusted me some of his money, and after a small quarrel, I gave them back. After talking and talking and fighting like cats (sic), he said that to me: These were just extracts of what he's usually saying. Through this report I hope that users on the server beaware of that person. I have no words, really. :sad: Thank you for your attention.
  5. Good day, everychon. :biggrin: Well, today, after killing ka1ne in PVP, he started flying (as a reaction?) :tongue: Here's what I've captured:
  6. Sh3p47

    Private World Request - Sh3p #2

    Thank you for that positive comment, Jay. Well, I think it's clear that I have returned with pure intentions; that is, helping people and doing whatever good I can do for them. I believe that my behaviour before was just unacceptable, and it did not lead anywhere rather than into having fights with people I respected or even with newcomers whom I did not know at all. So, I am just doing a new beginning, befriending everyone and having fun. :smile:
  7. My in-game name: Sh3p47 (or Sh3p whatsoever). The reason why I should be considered to be added to this world: From my perspective, I meet all the requirements set for that position. I have been in Team-NeO Minecraft server for about a year and five months. Shortly after my last request was posted, I never logged-in again until December '16 and I am sure that this was the reason behind the declination of my previous request. Well, now I have fully returned, and I am looking forward to starting playing this game once again. I would not have sent this application had it not been the case of returning 'permanently'. That being said, I am interested in building something good looking in the private world and start living there for good. What my intentions are in the sense of what I plan to do in the world: I have no set plans in my mind at the moment concerning what to build there. However, one thing is sure; the fact that I will move all my items in the private world and build a beautiful estate; I firmly believe that it would be stunning and it will "adorn" the private world. :D Am I aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean I will be inactive for a prolonged period? Indeed. Once again, I have no fixed plans for any holidays. It seems that I will spend this summer playing Minecraft. :D But if I have to leave for more than thirty days, then I will take the appropriate measures so that my works will not be rolled-backed (such as donating or something). Thank you in advance. :)
  8. Sh3p47

    Private World Request

    Are you a member for 3 months? I checked, and you first logged in on 24.05.2017.
  9. Sh3p47

    nischkar - verification request

    Dear Nischkar, I firmly believe that most of the server's players deem you a trustful, a pleasant, a sympathetic, a caring as well as a helpful player. I am pretty sure that you will constitute an utterly good –or even superb– verified player; this manifests itself in your helpfulness and in your kindness that you always express to everyone. Were the administrators to choose you, I am pretty sure they would make a wise choice (or even the optimum). Best of luck, Your most loyal friend
  10. [...]one of my most loyal colleagues. <3

  11. Sh3p47

    myrvalco has been promoted to: Verified

    I have no words.
  12. Sh3p47


    I am of the opinion that you can still help the users without even being a verified player. Taking into consideration the way you talk/write, they way you behave and the fact that you resigned from your previous "position" because you were offended (or because you were reported whatsoever), makes me sceptical if are going to be approved. Additionally, imprecations from your side are used quite often; personal insults included. From my perspective, you are not still ready for such a rank because of your still-unfledged conduct (and undoubtedly this is not going to change soon).
  13. Sh3p47


    Curious about what specifically? And I am also pretty sure that you can still help without the "special rights" that a verified player has got... :happy:
  14. Sh3p47

    Minecraft of the Past /Today

    I am wondering the reason why such words exist, that don't make any sense at all, unless you look up their definition. Indeed, it appears that the word is "cool" and "in fashion", used by people who want to seem/look important (and they aren't :tongue:). There are lots of words like that, but I just hate to use them. I will talk generally, not only about Minecraft, since that happens quite often in other games as well. But since that section is for Minecraft only, I don't want to be off-topic here. :blush: I agree with you, but bear in mind that people from different ages play games. I have met people that are 5 years old in age, playing games, up to 60 years old, lol. There is an age gap, as these people have grown up differently and their way of thinking is also different. Each person is unique and can mean things in a different way than the one we can understand. But in general, I can say that almost all people who know English can communicate effectively and the reader can comprehend what they mean. I am seeing that the people who join for the first time, are starting gradually to befriend and make relationships with other people that are new. They form clans for example, teams in player(s)-versus-player(s) world(s), build a house that's shared etc. That being said, there are lots of times that they ask "gimme trast plzzzz", and the thing that we all know happens. :tongue: These people are generally young in age, meeting their peers and chatting with them. On the other hand, there are lots of times that they remain silent and don't talk at all, for various reasons. I have tried to communicate with the new players (except saying 'Welcome x') but, unfortunately either they don't reply or ignore it. There are exceptions to the rule though (that applies to everything), as they can at least can greet you. But, there of course people (at least the server isn't lacking in them) who talk to everyone, and become acquaintances with others easily. The main problem, as aforementioned before, is that they join and stay for a very little amount of days, and then they vanish into thin air. I have also "wandered" when being bored, in the world(s) (not in real life :tongue:), using my fly abilities, and what I have seen is exactly that. The majority of the "attractions" are semi-finished and/or rollbacked houses, in horrific conditions (in my point of view). They give you a feeling like they were abandoned for war purposes. There are quite a few built with rare blocks (such as quartz and so on), but still the same happens with them. It's quite sad, since there's no use in collecting the required amount of materials in order to erect something and then disappear. Especially, if the blocks you are going to use are rare, uncommon and hard to find in general. Unfortunately, we can't really prevent people from doing that, since it's their choice. However, we can befriend them, introduce them to the server, give them help them and any associated. A server means a team of players, that can easily cooperate, and help each other with any way (except cheating, of course). I am sure that if we act as that, we will all benefit from that. There are people that vanished from the server for some days/weeks/months/years and they came back. And when knowing that, you feel like a new player, someone that joined yesterday. That feeling is awesome, it seems. PS: @Akita, I like the use of your vocabulary and I really admire it, as I have told you a lot of times.
  15. Good luck. Indeed, you will be a great addition to the platoon team.

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