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    Bloodywolfff accuses me as a hacker

    Wolf. that "Golden" apple you ate was an ordinary golden apple and not enchanted ones. And honestly "Using hacks on top of potions" listen up mindless boy,YOU ATE a normal golden apple which consist of Absorption and regeneration 2 for 5 seconds while I ATE Enchanted golden apple that has regeneration 4 for 15 seconds abortion,resistance and fire resistance. Let's go in a minecraftish way,Since you couldn't able to get rid of me its cause i ate that god apple and you hitted me but what happened? "FIRE RESISTANCE" when using nutcracker the fire aspect enchantments won't help you. "RESISTANCE" gives you immunity by 40% more of shield. "REGENERATION 4" of course we all what does it do. but it is in LEVEL 4 and it takes 0.75 seconds to fulfill 1 heart. And warrior...as i said,they are giving me bad reputation cause they are "known" okay fine i know that but being honest i don't use hacks. Incase of that put me on investigating area,let everyone watch me and we will see the conclusions soon.
  2. Hello. There are people around here like TheMarcellus,bloodywolfff,mladenjr gives me a bad reputation and picture of me towards the others by calling me "Hacker" And I've made this topic to justify my provage that I am not hacking. Special thanks to BadassCrafter for helping me editing the video(All credits to him) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq-dRi1UbFA

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