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    It wasn't a acceptable action, so hereby I'd like to apologize for my childish way of behavior against my friend, doing it in a public chat. I hope I can prove you wrong by showing you the way an admin should behave, but your decision is pretty clear to me. I respect your way of treatment, which is being respectful to every other person. Despite of your decision, I would like to prove myself if this is still possible. If not, I will still be a helpful player and won't be behaving this childish way. Thanks for taking the time to response to my apply and giving me the right reasons why and why not. Regards, DestinyODB
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Jordi, i'm from The Netherlands. Hereby, i'd like to apply for admin on the Battlefield: Hardline server. - InGame Name: DestinyODB - Your Age: 18 - How long you've played BF Hardline For: 2 months - Have you ever been Admin on another BFHardline Server Before?: No, but i'm pretty familiar with monitoring servers as an admin on other games (e.g. CoD) - Why you would like to become Admin: The reason i'd like to become Admin is because i've got a whole lot of time on my hands. If I can help anyone by monitoring a server, it would be my pleasure. I'm experienced in problem-solving, i've got good communication skills, i'd like to help where I can, and i'm also very enthusiastic and committed. I've got a microphone if there is a need to (didn't read it but might be a plus.). I hope I've informed you enough, I'd just like to help people out where I can. Thanks in advance, DestinyODB

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