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  1. Yeah thats right, DanyBoi86 wouldn't stop heckling me or the team whether they won or lost. Not sure if an anti-spam or harassment ruleset could be put in place too.
  2. - InGame Name: cammo18 - Your Age: 25 - How long you've played BF Hardline For: Since August (250 Hours) - Have you ever been Admin on another BF Hardline Server Before?: No I have not - Why you would like to become Admin: As a daily Battlefield Hardline player, I've been exclusively playing Blood Money servers and when I found the new Blood Money Bankjob 24/7 server, I made it my primary go to whenever I want to play. While I frequently see Neo_Anderson online admining during the day, there are many times I am online and he is not available. Due to the timezone difference (me being GMT -5) it would allow for a larger active admin coverage when European admins cannot be online. I've consistently remained levelheaded during constant flaming and hacker accusations and have only typically retorted with comments such as "Your salt sustains me" or "All this salt is gonna give you a heart attack" in order to egg them on (and make me smile). I would also like to become admin to recommend additional server rules or the possibility of adding maps to the rotation (as I saw you had on Nov 1st evening, however I disagree with the trial of the block blood money because it is far too imbalanced and managed to clear out the server after the rounds ended). My suggestions from my extensive experience in similar 24/7 blood money servers would be to recommend a rule against the main atrium dome camping. Finally, I would like to be admin to remove the possibility of being votebanned from the server. It has felt like every day that my 3+ K/D ratio sparks up the other team to start insulting me and attempting votebans. It has gotten to the point that I am worried that I will run out of servers to play on because of juvenile players not understanding the intricacies or "meta" of the weapons.

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