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    Hi to whoever is reading this, i've been part of the team neo server for 2 years now, and i remember every bit. I used to be on the old server if you can remember, the one with the castle at spawn and stuff. Anyways what I wanted to say is that throughout these 2 years I havent disrespected any person on the server and I have always tried helping with as many things as possible. I'm really good at building and whenever someone's new I ask them if they need help building and i've helped a few people. I stopped playing mc for a while and now i've started again and there's no surprise that I can back to this server, i really do enjoy playing on this server and want to help it in as many ways as possible so becoming a verified player would be an absolute honor. I am trust worthy and will use the abilities that i get in a very respectful and appropriate manner. You can ask emily (idontknowgaming), im a really respectful and helpful person on the server, so please take your time and consider this request :)

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