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  1. unban

    I don't remember you being a cheater. So yeah I think you should be unbanned. But that's up to Anderson.
  2. myrvalco-admin

    I think you deserve it. And yeah I'm a bit away from the game lately, I only play occasionally so we do need someone to supervise the server. For what it's worth, I "vote" yes.
  3. This is awkward. For which game do you want to be an admin? Because in Hardline, I can assure you, you can't build a house. :smile:
  4. The funny part is that now you are there, sitting in your chair and thinking "Oh wow! I'm super cool, look what I did, I entered that forum and started trolling. Everyone will find this funny, especially the chicks. I'm so great!". Grow up, mate, this isn't funny anymore (if it ever was).
  5. Platoon

    That is correct, he shouldn't use the tag yet. As for the delay, it probably has to do with the fact that we don't really see you that often in the server.
  6. GandySnipez-Platoon

    Bienvenido, welcome. :)
  7. I'm all for it, but I would prefer you to be a little bit more careful with your language. You use the f word a lot. :sleep: Hope you make it to admin. :smile:
  8. Let's play Battlefield Hadline

    Thank you guys for the comments. I really appreciate it. :smile: I haven't played it, but yeah people generally say that it looks/feels like Call of Duty. I never played BF1942 tbh (my first BF was Vietnam), but yeah that's like the mother of all BFs.
  9. Let's play Battlefield Hadline

    Hope you like it. :blush:
  10. Good luck. However, I think your applications could use some seasoning. :biggrin:
  11. GandySnipez-Platoon

    You seem like a decent fella, good luck. :happy:
  12. Unbanned

    Hello, could you please explain your problem in English? Also, please follow these guidelines in order to make your unban request.