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  1. i am interested in becoming verified because i promise that i will not cheat i always build a house but i miss this server so i make a becoming a verified so now i will not but i dont have some warns but i am a good person because i give dexter a set iron armour than my all friends nicki09 i give him a iron armour i hope you understand thanks for reading :smile: :smile:
  2. i realy sorry for that cause i do many things BAD to people and ijm sorry for many things that i learned from my brother PHANTOM i will not do it again then i will be greatfull to be begin a new life in team neo MY PROBLEM? : i want to be unbanned 2nd PROBLEM : i want to be unblocked to this forum web chat game i cant chat because of maccatacks because he blocked me on game web chat so please help me cam back and to begin a new adventure to this game :sad:
  3. sorry but i will leave this server.....i will give my account to someone

  4. CnG

    Dutchwolf verification

    i want to be a verified player plss promote i always say wb to others but i like macca because he follow the rules but i dont like to cheat i like to be a verified player but i dont like cheat ok plss promotes me God bless :)
  5. CnG

    i want to be unbanned

    i didnt know why my ip banned becuase of my brother.i know that my brother is hacker and me not. where all using in one computer and in disame ip so plsss forgive me to be unnbanned :(
  6. CnG

    CnG Hacks or Lag?

    that lag me.,but why did you banned me?you didnt have a complete evidence ?
  7. CnG

    Phantom Possible PVP mods

    lol but why can't you IP bann Phantom? Why is he still joining with different accounts?
  8. CnG

    Dutchwolf verification

  9. i can do my best to be a verified player plss i can do my best. and i can make people happy
  10. CnG

    Phantom Possible PVP mods

    yeah lol you cant banne my friend phantom he's an proffesional hacker lol!!!!!!!
  11. CnG

    Private World Of God

    but how godlik help me join this private
  12. can i join to private world cause i need a permanent house :}
  13. CnG

    Rubiks Private World Request

    can i join to this world?

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