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  1. Thank you !!
  2. So most of the players now know that the End City is out of shulkers and there is no use to it. I think it's time to reset the End City to give other players a chance. So, who supports this ? Reply below :) TheMarcellus
  3. verified

    Good Luck Xtreme. I think you'd make a great verified player =D
  4. Thank you Gogo =D
  5. TY ^^
  6. Thanks :)

    Good luck DJ !
  8. Hello ! I have been playing on Team-Neo since 2014 and would like to be verified. I report hackers whenever i see them but I only posted once about a hacker. I would also like people to trust me and i want to be a part of the Neo community. :) Ingame Name : TheMarcellus Thanks and regards, TheMarcellus
  9. resolved

    Thanks a lot Anderson :)
  10. resolved

    He is in my home right now. He is not in Romania.... When did he play in Romania ?
  11. resolved

    Yes he does
  12. resolved

    He is spending more time in my house ? Well if that is the case then i won't be playing minecraft with him when he comes over to my home. And no he is not out of Saudi Arabia he lives in it.
  13. resolved

    Yes he does. he comes here like after 3-4 weeks If school next year
  14. resolved

    Hello ! This is TheMarcellus and I want to be unbanned. I did nothing wrong and got banned for no reason. It's just my friend Awsomegamer's fault he was playing in my house with his banned account and then got IP banned so I also am banned. Kindly request to unban me. Thanks and regards, TheMarcellus
  15. So it was just a normal day at team neo... everything was peaceful and all of a sudden my friend got robbed by a guy who was using flying hacks. I knew i couldn't report this on forums without the evidence/screenshots so i tried to tp to him and take screenshots with my main acc but he tried to kill me and after that he ignored me.... So i just logged on into my second account and tped to him and he accepted i took screenshots of him flying in a boat his Ingame Name is Zapadlo. Please any admins try to do anything


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