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  1. LordFear

    Submission to be verified

    Ha ha bro! I day we will make our dreams come true :laugh:
  2. LordFear

    private world request

    Go to the private world requesting section!! And make a new topic!! With clearing about why do u want to be in the private world and your future plans!! Got it?
  3. LordFear

    The Scourge

    Hi was really going well after the news shocked me! I was really wondering about this and I thought that every one can have a last warning?? And I really apologize for what happen even I don't know it! And if u also don't accept me in the clan back . But at least forgive for anything nothing more to say in an happy moment like this! I hope I would be accepted :sad: :sad:
  4. LordFear

    Godlik3 has been promoted to: Verified

    Oops than it is KERMITS :happy:
  5. LordFear

    Godlik3 has been promoted to: Verified

    I wish i could be I of you Green Frog Army! :biggrin:
  6. I could not find any name so i took from ^^! Nick name : LordFear. RPcharacter: Jack Snowman- Side TheScourge
  7. LordFear

    To be verified :D

    Gl marc!
  8. LordFear

    Submission to be verified

    I will try my best! To be the best :biggrin:
  9. Hey I have been playing on this server for a while and i would like to get verified! My minecraft life starts on this server I really don't play in another server! Neither single player I don't usually break the rules but I used to sometimes but now i learned from my mistake to be a good Player. And I am also eager to help other peoples And would like to run a good clean server. Tnx for reading my post!Have a good day :biggrin:
  10. LordFear

    The Scourge

    Hey its ne LordFear!MY nick name is tohid !i have been really willing to join this clan my age is 16 nd m playing in this server for 6 months !Nothing more:p Hope i get accepted

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