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  1. Unwarn / Warn me for nothink

    Hello all Mr.Warrior Warn me and he say i'm hackeur -_- ? juste doom getting Hard R3ckt And he say i'm hacking and all admin trust him and want to ban me I record some of fight and i show it to 2 or 3 admin and he say i'm clean and i delt the video after 7 day ( To day ) i connect i connect only week end i say i have been warned Euh -_-'? Thanks to unwarn me
  2. Abusing

    he are not in pvp Sory to say that but he are not good -_-
  3. Abusing

    Hello that "Verified player" acused me of hackeur xD her realy name is doom he play with secondary accunt to don't lose her xp :sleep: Sorry for the last 2 picteur :p is not in the topic
  4. Hello guys i want to be Verified player cause i love that server and i love helping new player :) So Realy name : hamza ben fahdl UserName : Monsterblood35 Email : I'm 15Old ^^^


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