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  1. NeO_x15

    GTA V Crew

    Hi everyone! Is the crew still alive? Because I'd like to join it :) (My name is FJRDSTRM on PSN)
  2. Lol your one of the few neo members I've NEVER seen before.

  3. NeO_x15

    Tutorial: How to record movies with Fraps

    I'm aware of the newest version, but it's shareware... The 1.9d = FREEware (without watermarks or so)
  4. Hi. People who want to record stuff on MTA, read this tutorial. It's pretty simple. Step 1 Get Fraps 1.9d (freeware) go to www.team-neo.com/downloads/fraps/ Step 2 Install & Start fraps. Step 3 Press F9 (the default record button) to begin recording! Press it again to stop and save the recording to fraps/movies directory. Notes: Size Matters!, As you will see, when the video is saved it is a really huge file. Use Windows Movie maker to reduce it. Simply load the fraps.avi into Movie Maker (downloadable from microsoft website). Without making any alterations to anything, simply just save the movie again to your disk and done! It will magically be 100 times smaller... and with the same quality Have fun x15 (PS: I chose a different kind of music... lol)

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