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  1. I wanna help people out

    okay faith ill trust you not those "BOYS" #GirlsLyfe -Diamond
  2. I would like to be verified

    Hi cococonor97 I understand that a just joined yesterday but I would like t owe some help to the server and if there is anything that I can do im willing to do if anything goes wrong I know what to do #1 report #2 contact an admin #3 tell them to stop if doesn't stop do #1 and #2 I would like to be verified because: I would like to #1 help the server out #2 be a very co-operative person and kind respectful, I love helping out! and here is the last but not least #3 I am so Great to be helping/solving problems so if you need any sort of help pm me!. many hugs -BrookieCookie717
  3. I would like to be verified

    Hi I am BrookieCookie and I would like to be verified Reasons:I answer questions and do the best I can to help or fix Problems people on the server have and do the best I can to be Helpful and I'm always full of surprises :j have a nice day!


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